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We are a pair of photography enthusiasts, living in the idyllic Pembrokeshire countryside. We spent a frustrating time trying to find a fairly priced printer for our photographs that would allow us to print in the dimensions we required. After finding no such place, we decided that we could do it ourselves, and so we started Ted and Jo Printing services.

After acquiring a few lovely Canon printers, we started printing our own photos, as well as photos for family and friends. In August 2014, Jo set about designing their first website; Ted did the coding and it went live the following month. Another month later, Ted completely adjusted the site so it would allow people to upload their images and order directly as they would through any other online printing service.

The printers can print on canvas, paper, card, glossy photo paper and more. (The more bits we haven't experimented with yet... but it includes cool things like vinyl!)

Based in a workshop at the bottom of our garden, we make each canvas wooden frame from scratch, to ensure that each print is custom fitted to the desired size. Each corner is cut individually, and then glued and nailed into place. Because each of our frames are custom made, it has also meant that we have been able to re-mount canvas paintings onto new solid frames. Our carpentry equipment for making frames is by Bosch.

We both have our own talents. Jo deals with all the creative aspects of the business, while Ted sorts out the technical knowhow. Between us, we've been able to start quite a nifty little printing service, with the personalised touch.

Photography wise, we rock Canon 7D's, and use a variety of Canon and Sigma lenses. Manfroto tripods are our steadying supports of choice, and we also enjoy playing with our Syrp Genie.

All of our printers are Canon, as is our high resolution scanner. Our favourite (and biggest) printer is a Canon iPF6350 and prints images on standard sized cut medium, as well as off a roll. Rolls measure 24 inches wide, and are up 30 metres long. Technically, it can print a reallllllllllly long picture that's 30 metres long, but it's not something we plan on trying out anytime soon! The ink is water resistant, fade proof with a 10 year guarantee.

We offer high quality printing on all the materials listed above, in a variety of sizes, as well as a photo editing service. There are plans to roll out a range of customisable invitations, banners and bunting flags. We're happy to discuss any printing needs. If you're unsure about something or want something printed that isn't listed, why not run it by us and see if we can help?